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So impressed! I have had an unexplained issue with my back and leg for 3 months and an X-Ray and MRI didn’t give me answers. I had one session here and the pain reduced significantly the next day and I could walk normally again, amazing.

May 2018

I had very bad lower back pain and after one session it was nearly as good as new. Lovely staff and great treatment. Thank you.

GM - October 2017

Brilliant staff. Smoothest of recovery thanks to the Satheesh physiotherapist. Would highly recommend! 

Thanks for all your work on myself and my partner!!

AO - September 2017

Thank you! Satheesh worked on my shoulder and made great improvement! Really listened to what i needed with the physio.

BM - September 2017

 I’m very happy with the results, plus explained everything that was happening. Excellent service 

 Very happy 🙂  Thanks

July 2017

Very helpfull & friendly. Explained everything that they were doing totally. Understanding everything very happy with my first visit.

July 2017

Highly recommended. I came with neck and shoulder pain and am now pain-free. I also have exercises to continue working on keeping my neck mobile. I have recommended to a close friend. Always very polite, helpful and professional.

DS - May 2017

Very polite people, very helpful. I have neck and shoulder problems and it’s fine now.

Thank you

JH - February 2017

Excellent treatment very friendly and welcoming. Would highly recommend to friends and family. 

Thank you very much for your time, care, attention and helping to relieve me of this pain.

SS - December 2016

Very Pleased with what Satheesh has done for my neck and Shoulder.

Many Thanks

NP - November 2016

Always helpful and reassuring. Feel better each time when I leave.


RR - September 2016

Cannot Recommend highly enough. Very Knowledgable and extremely polite. 

My issues have almost gone from my neck and back!

I will not hesitate to use again in the future!

Thank you!:)

MB - August 2016

My wife and I have been attending Satheesh with a back problems and he is the best physio we have ever seen. He wastes no time with hot packs or deep rubs but works on your problem for the whole session using his profession skills. On top of that, Satheesh is such a nice and considerate person.

DO - July 2016

Much improved since having treatment. Satheesh is very professional and supportive therapist. 

Thank you!

July 2016

I wanted to thank you (Satheesh) for all your help over the last few months. I have found you to be utterly professional but also warm and very kind and you have helped me no end with my various aches and pains!

MW - May 2016

I have had twelve sessions of physio from Satheesh and this has helped to remedy the problem with my back. The treatment has been of an excellent standard and I will return for further treatment if I require it. I will also recommend Satheesh to any person who requires physiotherapy. 

CM - April 2016

Thank you so much Satheesh it’s been fantastic and I hope to be back cycling soon! ” Best wishes!” 

JA - January 2016

Thank you Satheesh! I am really grateful. I came in quite a lot of pain. Cycling, working, walking for a long time was a struggle and I had constant headaches. I am so much better, hopefully continuing with the exercises and stretches will make sure I continue to enjoy a healthy back.

AA - December 2015

I approached Satheesh seven weeks ago with regards to my 89 year old mother. Having had major surgery to replace a collapsed and dislocated right hip she was discharged from hospital with no physiotherapy in place and we were told that due to a waiting list in this area it could be up to three months before she would see anyone under the NHS. 

Satheesh quickly set to work loosening my mother’s ankle and knee joints in order that she could improve her balance when standing with a frame. He also identified that the muscles in my mother’s left leg were in much poorer condition than in her right and gave her daily exercises to strengthen these. Over the weeks my mother’s walking has greatly improved, to the point that her latest exercise involves walking around the kitchen (without her frame) using the worktop for balance. My mother’s mobility is now such that she can get both in and out of bed, wash and dress herself and walk around the house into the back garden to sit and enjoy the sun unassisted. The manager of the assisted care company has agreed that their services are no longer needed and will finish tomorrow, she also commented on what an amazing recovery my mother had made and felt this owed a great deal to her having physio from the first week after leaving hospital.

Satheesh has been polite, gentle and caring as well as firm when needed with my mother and I am absolutely certain that her excellent recovery has been in no small part due to his help and skills as a physiotherapist.  Finally, if faced with this type of situation again I would not hesitate to seek Satheesh’s services! 

JM - July 2016