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Initial Assessment

The Initial assessment will take around 45 minutes. Your physiotherapist will ask you to provide some personal and medical details. Following a detailed discussion of how the pain/symptoms started, what makes it worse, what makes it better and   after the physical assessment your physiotherapist will discuss the findings and the treatment plan with you.

On attending the initial assessment or treatment, it is recommended that you wear loose clothing, shorts / sleeveless tops . The physiotherapist may ask you to remove clothing but you will be helped to maintain modesty, privacy and of course be given the chance to refuse. Observing your posture and palpating soft tissues of the body helps the physiotherapist to find the source of the problem and choose appropriate treatment techniques.

Once the assessment is complete your physiotherapist will discuss with you  the  treatment required, treatment technique that will be used, how long it might take for recovery and the expected outcome.

Chaperone Policy

All patients  have the right to request  the presence of a  chaperone  for any assessment or treatment session. This chaperone may be a family member or friend or you may request an additional Dover Physiotherapy Clinic staff member to be your chaperone (please inform us  at least 24 hours before your visit, If you require our clinic staff member to be your chaperone). On some occasions, your physiotherapist may also request a chaperone. 

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